Datavault Vehicles

ViewVehicle NameVehicle TypeVehicle LengthVehicle HeightLocationProfile Image
view Artillery Group Support Vehicles Plasma Artillery Support Group N/A N/A Heavenfield

view Banshee-Class Fieldship Troop Transport / Ground-Attack Aircraft 8.38m (27ft 6in) 3.87m (12ft 7in) Heavenfield

view CrAB - Crewed Assault Battery LRV-16 'Gazelle' Light-Reconnaissance Vehicle 6.55m (21.48ft) 2.88m (9.44ft) Heavenfield

view Field Transport EX-17/8 Half-tracked transport vehicle 9.8m (32.1ft) 3.9m (12.8ft) Heavenfield

view Field Walker A-54 'Goliath' Bipedal Armoured Fighting Vehicle 3.0m (9.84ft) 4.8m (15.75ft) Heavenfield

view Flagship - The Divinity Flagship-Class Fieldship 154m (505.3ft) 36m (118.1ft) Heavenfield

view Heavy Exploration Vehicle (HEV) Exploration Vehicle 6.45m (21.16ft) 1.86m (6.1ft) Heavenfield

view Landing Craft LC-AB-30 Airborne Landing Craft 39m (127.9ft) 23.7m (78ft) Heavenfield

view Light Anti-Aircraft Platform Tracked LCMR gun-platform 4.3m (14.1ft) 3m (9.84ft) Heavenfield

view Loadmaster - HL-31-M Heavy Lifter Heavy Loader / Lifter 3.97m (13.02ft) 4.11m (13.48ft) Both

view Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform Heavy tracked gun-carriage 9.7m (31.82ft) 3.5m (11.48ft) Heavenfield

view Mobile Missile Platform - IMP Multi-Legged Missile Platform 6.55m (21.48ft) 2.3m (7.54ft) Heavenfield

view Spider Drone (AV-4) Semi-Autonomous Exploration Unit 3.1m (10ft) 2.44m (8ft) Heavenfield

view Stalker Drone (SV-SM-2) Semi-Autonomous Attack Drone 2.33m (7.55ft) 3.1m (10ft) Both

view Tempest-Class Fieldship B-4/h Ground Assault Aircraft 14.94m (49ft) 4.26m (14ft) Heavenfield


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