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The Heavenfield Datavault

A sneak peek at the new layouts for the Heavenfield Datavault.


Update 38 - The Datavault



Those of you that may have followed the Heavenfield will know the Datavault. It is an online encyclopaedia of everything to do with the stories, including locations, characters, vehicles, weapons, and creatures.

What you may not know is that it was originally envisaged as a large format art book.

I love art books! I've always been someone who will buy a 'making of' book just for the imagery, even if it's from a film or game I don't know. And, since writing the Heavenfield, I always wanted to catalogue everything, and see just how the world could be envisaged.

The Heavenfield Datavault

Early working mockups of the Datavault

Early working mockups of the Datavault

So, around fifteen years ago I started putting it together, but eventually ran out of steam. I just didn't have the skills to create enough illustrations, nor the money to hire artists. The project petered out, and that was the end of that.

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  1. endroc

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished product. Best of luck putting it all together.  It will be lovely to see a tangible representation of the incredible locations you have created.

    • heavenfield

      Thanks! Yes, I’m really pleased with how the layouts are going. What amazed me most was seeing the amount of work there is to be found on the online Datavault when I compiled it all together. There are entries that I had no memory of writing! It’s been a wonderful exploratory process for me too.

      But just being able to hold and see a physical book has always been the goal for me.

      I can’t wait either!

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