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Spider Drone (AV-4)


Vehicle Name
Spider Drone (AV-4)
Vehicle Type
Semi-Autonomous Exploration Unit
Vehicle Height
2.44m (8ft)
Vehicle Length
3.1m (10ft)
Vehicle Width
3.81m (12.5ft)
Vehicle Weight
751kg (1655lbs)
Vehicle Speed
44.64kmh (27.8mph) Burst
Vehicle Powerplant
Early-model Kursk PR-S-3
Vehicle Range
Vehicle Crew
Vehicle Passengers
Vehicle Armament
Vehicle Description

In the early days of Soviet exploration into the Standing-Point Field, a series of drones were developed that could enter the Field and bring back samples and data.

There were many different iterations, built to fulfil specific requirements, with spider-drones developed to scale urban environments and more difficult terrain.

Heavenfield -- Spider Drone


After the Soviet scientists first destroyed their work and disappeared to form the Exiles, the drone projects were mothballed. However, during the first ghost incursion, several of the old prototypes were brought back into service, and used to scout out dangerous buildings.

These semi-autonomous units proved highly effective at reconnaissance, and it was only a matter of time before they were weaponised, acting as rudimentary gun-platforms.

The success of these early systems led to the 'Stalker' Project, and a much more powerful, custom-built drone was developed.

These fearsome units were used extensively throughout the Great Ruins, hunting down ghosts in a difficult urban environment.

Heavenfield -- Spider Drone

Though slow and ponderous (and often unreliable), the Spider-drones proved an effective countermeasure, and were even used in some of the engagements against the Americans.


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