Once one of the most powerful Houses of Heldrassë, the Emerald House was the original instigator of the Uprising, when they attempted to rest control of the Kingdom from the House of Gold.
Weakened by the years of fighting, it was the Ruby House, Emerald’s allies, that stole the crown for Ullrich, the Robber King.

Now, little is left of this once great House - a faded memory of a long-lost splendour.

The Emerald House rules over all things of Nature. Legends speak of Emerald Witches who had power over all creatures, and, it is said, could commune with plants, trees and flowers, or even use the vast root network to speak to other witches over great distances. Some say they could even shape the very land itself, causing the earth to swallow up entire cities.

Because of this—though one of the most difficult and arcane Houses to master—the Emerald House is thought to be one of the most powerful.

Notable Figures: Duke Ferdinand Swanne, Maia Swanne


The ruling House of Heldrassë.

Considered a young pretender amongst the Great Houses, the Ruby House has ruled Heldrassë for only three generations, since Ullrich, Queen Sofia’s grandfather stole the crown in the Uprising almost 70 years ago.

The Upstart House, as it was once called, The Ruby House has dominion over fire, and is also concerned with blood, vitality and the essence of humanity.

Also known variously as House Scarlet, or the House of Blood.

Notable Figures: Queen Sofia Bluddë, Prince Erebus Lucius Bluddë, King Ullrich, General Grummë, Eldrick Grummë, Fabian


One of the most ancient and noble Houses of Heldrassë, and originally the ruling house, before that position was usurped by the House Scarlet.

They have their ancestral home, The Spires, built upon the Golden Isles, high up on the clifftops, overlooking The Straits of Heldrassë, the wild stretch of water that separates them from the mainland. Here they can watch their greatest and most potent symbol, the sun, as it rises and sets into the sea, lighting up the waves like golden flame.

The House of Gold holds dominion over Time, the Air, and the Sun.

Notable Figures: Lord Emmanuel Chronos, Lauren Chronos, Miss Laureli Solait, Aelssa Arraigne


From their ancestral home in Port Asheerë on the Blue Coast, House Sapphire looks out across the seas, where a love of the deep draws them to the wild ocean.

Holds dominion over the Seas and the creatures that dwell above and below.

Notable Figures: Lord & Lady Avalorre, Elizabeth & Ivy Avalorre


Though considered by many to be a young House, House Obsidian is in fact one of the most ancient, though it disappeared centuries ago, until only recently being resurrected by Lord Underwoldë.

House Obsidian, or the Black House, is borne out of darkness, and holds sway over dreams, creatures of myth and legend, and those who walk the night.

Notable Figures: Lord Underwoldë Blacke, Lady Morrowe Blacke, Eve Blacke


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