Anonymous Flesh

Figure Studies for a Street Scene

Anonymous Flesh

Figure studies for a street scene.

A study of the human form as anonymous figures isolated within a shared space. The figures adopt a religious significance within mundane actions - a street scene of bodies lost in thought. Recognisable features lead into abstract or unsettling forms, jarring the viewer into confrontation, asking to re-assess one's perceptions.
The surfaces of the figures are treated with a sculptural feel of natural, raw texture and faded light; yet not as representational forms, but more as symbolic, or even imagined diagrammatic elements, while the subjects themselves are isolated, trapped upon a flat ground.

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I.G. Hulme Anonymous Flesh


One day a man lay down in a busy street.
He was tired. Tired of life, and empty from love lost.
At first the crowds ignored him - quickening their pace through the rain.

A child pulled away from her mother.
She sat down beside him on the wet street.
"Come away!" called the mother - and snatched up the child.
Young men ran past laughing.
An old man tugged at his dog as it sniffed the man's feet.

Eventually they came to carry the man off.
The ground was dry where he had lain.
But soon the rain had washed all trace away,
And the crowds closed in to fill his emptiness.

Figure Studies for a Street Scene


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