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The Heavenfield is my obsession, and I am always trying to find new ways to work longer at it, create more, and share it with more people. There are many ways which you can help support and promote the Heavenfield:

Become a Patron

You can become a Patron of the Heavenfield, and directly help support the project, better than any Publisher or Literary Agent could ever help. Pledging a couple of dollars (or more!) each month goes a long way to making some of the projects I am working on a reality. AND, as a show of thanks, you get some rather cool Rewards too! Find out more on the Patreon page.


I am an independent author, always trying to find spare time and resources to make the Heavenfield bigger and better! Any donations you are able to make are a HUGE help to supporting my work You can make a donation here.

Order a Book

Browse the Heavenfield Shop, buy a book, whether in Print or e-Book format, and you will be helping support the Heavenfield - Thank you! Oh, and the Hardcover Editions are awesome...!

Unlock a Heavenfield App

I spent a huge amount of time creating the Heavenfield website in a way that would allow me to offer the e-Book and Audiobook versions of the story in a way I was really pleased with. If you purchase access to any (or all!) of these website sections then I see a significant amount more money than if you buy one of my products through a third-party (like Amazon or AND, it looks pretty cool when you've unlocked all the areas on the My Apps! 😉

Spread the word!

If you can't afford to help out the Heavenfield with a pledge or donation, then don't worry! The best thing that any fan of the Field can do is spread the word! Far too few people have heard of the Heavenfield, and some of the best help you can give is just by talking about it! Share it with friends, on social media, forums - anywhere! The more people engage with the Heavenfield, the more I will be able to create and bring back from the Field to share with you!

My most heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping make the Heavenfield a success!



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