A rare and magical creature, found only on the precipitous cliffs of the Golden Isles.

Said to possess the ability to mimic any sound they hear, this has led to many stories claiming that these gentle creatures can speak.

Prized for their golden feathers, the Sun-Dragons have been hunted almost to extinction and now only a handful remain.

Reminiscent in appearance to a golden sea-horse, but with four legs and two slender wings sprouting from their backs.


Dark creatures that hunt in the night, preying upon the weak and unwary. Almost mythical, as they are so rarely seen, stories of the Shadowhounds are used by parents to scare their children with bedtime stories.

Legends tell that King Ullrich Bluddë once released a pack of Shadowhounds into the catacombs beneath the city of Amrosia. Some say they still stalk the dark tunnels ready to prey upon those foolish enough to stray within.


Vast, docile creatures that float upon the air currents in great herds out beyond the Northern Ice Mountains.


Acolytes of the Church of the Red Sun, they use their powers to sustain arcane inventions, such as airships.

The priestesses are the only females of the Holy Order, and their faces are forever hidden beneath their golden veils.

Until the Uprising, the Heliophanes were controlled for centuries past by House Gold, before the Ruby House took the throne. But now the power of the Red Church grows with the failing of the Queen's health, and the battle for the arcane powers threatens to spill over into civil war.


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