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The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

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Sample Tracks

The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

01 -- The Circle of Souls

I didn't write this track, it's a stock music piece that I bought early on when I was writing the first book of the Circle of Souls. I just felt that it perfectly fitted the mood for the overall series arc that I'm hoping to portray. I wanted it to have an epic orchestral feel that rose to a great crescendo. I am really pleased how well this piece works.

The Circle of Souls

Duration: 2min 47s
The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

03 -- Rise of the Dragon

The underlying storyline of the series revolves around the mysterious individual Maia and Erebus know of as 'The Dragon.

The dragon or serpent appears frequently in Heldrasse's history, and the rise  of the Dragon and his followers threaten to plunge the kingdom back into its dark and turbulent past.

For this piece I added some live doumbek, a drum that I brought back from Istanbul many years ago.

March of Armies

Duration: 1min 34s
The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

03 -- March of Armies

I wrote this piece with an image of a scene that appears in one of the later books, yet to be written. It is of a great battle plain, and a small band of soldiers wait nervously in the mist as they hear the sounds of a vast and unnatural army march inevitably towards them. The cries of fell beasts echo out of the gloom and the soldiers know they have little chance of victory.

March of Armies

Duration: 3min 27s


The Circle of Souls soundtrack.

This is a collection of music tracks that accompany the audiobooks.

Unlike the abstract soundscapes of the Heavenfield audiobooks, I wanted something more orchestral for this set of stories.

It first started when I came across some stock music tracks that perfectly fitted the mood and feel that I wanted to portray.

When I bought them, I found that they came with stem tracks - the mixes split into individual or groups parts, such as all the strings or percussion. This proved to be immensely useful for adding elements of the tracks in behind the narration in order to get a consistent feel throughout.

The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme
When I started writing my own pieces to illustrate different scenes, I put them together in a similar way, so that I could do the same and add single elements of the tracks throughout the stories.

This way, different characters or scenes build up their own identities, such as with Maia's theme or the airships. This way, the music reinforces the stories.

It has been great fun writing the music, and I've found some great orchestral samples that are available for free. The BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin is brilliant, available from Spitfire Audio. They also do loads of other free samples. The Free Orchestra, by Kontakt is also a great resource.

We are still in the process of renovating our house for the next few years, but the plan for the future is to convert our garden cabin into my office/studio. My dream is to be able to set up all my instruments for recording there so that I can really expand the scope of the music I can make.


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