Patron Reward 31

Patron Reward 31

If you are a $5 or greater Patron you can access the early release of the latest game scene.
If you are a Patron please login for the download link.

Update 31


Hi! You may have seen in the last Patreon post that I'd gone off on a bit of a tangent with the stories. I've always wanted to be able to visualise the locations and characters, and now I'm a little bit closer!

Unreal Engine

I've started upon the near-vertical learning curve of the Unreal Engine - software for creating CG films and games. It's amazing the amount of assets and help available, and I'm really enjoying myself.

I'm not quite sure what I want to create at present, but I think the ultimate goal is for 'virtual sets' for the stories, where one can explore the different locations. I think an actual game is a bit beyond me at the moment! But for now, I've started work on some scenes from the CIRCLE OF SOULS stories.

The Circle of Souls

The major location in the stories is the capital city of Amrosia. The White palace sits atop a rocky outcrop that rises aout from the plains. The five quarters of the town spread out below, and it is in the Lords' Quarter, directly below the palace that Maia lives. You can read more about the locations on the Circle of Souls website.

The estate of Crowe Hall was once one of the grandest in the capital, but over the years it has fallen into decay and ruin. This is the area I thought I would begin with.

At the start I am blocking out the rough sizes and shapes of the area in low quality assets, just to get a feel for the environment. I will replace these assets with high quality ones as time goes on.

The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls

First low quality blockouts of Crowe Hall. I used the default mannequins to get an idea of scale in the scene.

The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls

As I went on I couldn't resist adding a little more detail.

The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls

Then, kept adding more detail!

If you are a $5 or above patron I have uploaded the latest game version, so you can download it and travel around the scene yourself! Make sure you are logged in and you'll see the link to the file down below.

Here some of the images from the game so far:

The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls
The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls

$5 and above Patrons can download the latest version of the game and travel around the scenes.

I wanted to give patrons the chance to follow the progress of the game, so I'll make the updates available for download as I work on them.

You can walk about in the game and explore the setting. Enjoy!

The Circle of Souls

All the best,



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