Datavault Weapons

ViewWeapon NameWeapon ClassWeapon PrincipleWeapon LocationProfile Image
view Beyer Light SMG SMG Conventional Heavenfield

view Brahmm Light Plasma-Thrower Rifle Plasma Heavenfield

view Cateye Optics Other Both

view Cramer Handgun Handgun Plasma Heavenfield

view Grenades - Non-Lethal Explosive Conventional Heavenfield

view Hermanne 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun Conventional Heavenfield

view K-17 Kinetic Rifle Rifle Plasma Heavenfield

view Light Rail Gun Handgun Magnetic Induction Heavenfield

view MX Energy Rifle Rifle Energy Heavenfield

view Patton Artillery Gun Artillery Plasma Heavenfield

view Sniper Rifle Rifle Magnetic Induction Heavenfield


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