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Artillery Gun


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Patton Artillery Gun
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In a response to the vast scale of some creatures encountered in the Field, American troops called for a heavy energy weapon to support the lightly-armed and armoured ground forces.

The Patton Artillery Gun was developed from existing Exile designs as a stop-gap whilst research continued into more effective missile systems.

Despite its unwieldy nature, the Patton Gun has proved a popular choice with ground forces, giving them a reassuringly-destructive addition to their arsenal.

The Patton Artillery Gun is a heavy plasma-thrower on a massive scale. Firing a fused-plasma projectile the size of a large oil drum, the destructive power of this weapon is immense.

Although slow to reload, and equally slow to deploy (requiring a whole fleet of support vehicles), the ability to decimate even the largest of Demon threats is a valuable asset to the US forces.

The noise of a plasma ball shrieking overhead is awe-inspiring, and the sight of an artillery group opening up is an experience never-forgotten.

See 301st Artillery Company for a full breakdown of an Artillery Group.



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