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Cramer Handgun


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Cramer Handgun
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The Cramer .50 calibre pistol is well-deserving its nickname of the ‘Hand Cannon’. Firing High-Energy or Armour-Piercing rounds, the Cramer offers devastating fire-power at a cost of lessened accuracy and range.

Shells comprise of non-venting energy emitters delivering a projectile burst of superheated plasma strands.

Because of the bulky dimensions of the ammunition, the Cramer incorporates a system whereby a shell can be chambered and then a full magazine added, giving the weapon an effective clip-size of six rounds. Electronic safety measures ensure accidental discharge of the weapon is not possible.

The Cramer Hand Cannon is a formidable weapon, and is even capable of disabling soft-skinned vehicles. However, its devastating fire-power also makes it unwieldy and slow to reload. The noise of this weapon discharging is a thing to be experienced, and the recoil and weight of this gun require a strong arm.


Standard Torch mounting or Night-Owl High-powered Torch and laser-targeting unit.


Note, due to the sheer power of this weapon, the silencer is no more than a marketing gimmick, as the baffles melt after complete discharge of a few magazines and need to be replaced. Also suppression of the huge noise this gun delivers is poor at best, and the term ‘silencer’ is misleading to say the least.

CatEye Lo-Light Optics

Direct feed to HUD Monocle, the CatEye also give Thermal and Sonic spectrum displays, as well as 2x zoom and range-finding information.


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