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MX Energy Rifle


Weapon Name
MX Energy Rifle
12kg incl. Ammo Pack
10mm Superheated Plasma Bolts
60 Round Energy Cell
Rate of Fire
Weapon Description

The Standard issue rifle for servicemen in the Heavenfield.

Copied from Exile weapons recovered from the Field, the MX Energy Rifle is a formidable weapon. Although the main ammunition is a 60 round energy cell, the MX also requires a bulky power pack the size of a small car battery.

A standard American MX-Variant Energy Rifle

A standard American MX-Variant Energy Rifle.


The Standing-Point Field offered a unique set of difficulties for arms manufacturers to overcome. Standard explosives and flammable compounds were soon discovered to be far too dangerous in the volatile atmosphere, and after endless failed experiments a unique approach to projectile weapons was pursued.

Headed by Dr. Edmund Keeler, former Head of Research at the Hayden Hill Research Centre, the Exile scientists pioneered a revolutionary energy weapon using superheated plasma strands and vaporised tungsten shards.

The results were an energy rifle which was heavy, slow to fire, and required a bulky energy pack to accompany the already-cumbersome environment suit. Although universally disliked by troops, the MX-8 became ubiquitous amongst the foot soldiers, Exiles first, and then re-engineered by both British and American forces.

After the Battle of Maunsworth Field, the American redesigned and improved upon the original, curing many of the MX-8’s flaws.


Although still unwieldy and inaccurate in comparison to conventional firearms, the updated MX-10 remains the best general-purpose Field rifle available.

Many other weird and wonderful inventions have been developed out in the Field, most borne out of necessity, as the troops faced a unique set of challenges in that ever-changing environment.

NOTE: Although the MX-10 requires a magazine of 10mm Tungsten Shards, these objects are not actually ‘projectiles’ in the conventional sense. They are vaporised within the chamber, and the resultant plasma strands are ejected as pure energy bolts.


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