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Field Transport


Vehicle Name
Field Transport
Vehicle Type
EX-17/8 Half-tracked transport vehicle
Vehicle Height
3.9m (12.8ft)
Vehicle Length
9.8m (32.1ft)
Vehicle Width
2.8m (9.2ft)
Vehicle Weight
28,210kg (62,070lb)
Vehicle Speed
89kmh (55.62mph)
Vehicle Powerplant
LL1 V(a) Gas turbine
Vehicle Range
2417.2km (1502 miles)
Vehicle Crew
1 x Driver, 1 x Weapons Officer
Vehicle Passengers
2 (4 max)
Vehicle Armament
1 x 20mm Rail Gun
1 x Twin 20mm Energy cannon (turret-mounted)
Vehicle Description

The Transport, or Field Tractor is an Exile-design, well-suited to travelling long distances. It is used primarily as a personnel carrier, and also for towing munitions, supplies or artillery pieces.

A large, half-tracked vehicle able to withstand the harsh conditions of the Field, the Transport has full life-support systems, allowing its crew of four to be sustained for several weeks on end.

Heavenfield -- Field Transport

Later versions replaced the observation blister with a turret system, housing twin MX-V energy rifles, a vehicular modification of the standard MX variants.

Heavenfield -- Field Transport


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