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Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform


Vehicle Name
Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform
Vehicle Type
Heavy tracked gun-carriage
Vehicle Height
3.5m (11.48ft)
Vehicle Length
9.7m (31.82ft)
Vehicle Width
2.8m (9.18ft)
Vehicle Weight
11,909kg (26,000lb)
Vehicle Speed
26kmh (16.25mph)
Vehicle Powerplant
Henschel L134/h sealed turbine
Vehicle Range
175km (109.5miles)
Vehicle Crew
10 - 1 x Officer, 1 x Driver/Spotter, 1 x Spotter, 1 x Gunner, 6 x Ammunition Handlers
Vehicle Passengers
Vehicle Armament
108mm Slow-cycle Heavy Energy cannon
Vehicle Description

A heavier version of other so-called Anti-aircraft designs.

Utilising technology based upon the MX range of energy weapons, the EX, or Extended Energy-Weapons systems proved to be very popular among the American troops. They were reliable and provided a high rate-of-fire coupled with good stopping power. Though not powerful enough to bring down some of the larger demon threats, the EX weapons systems were nevertheless used in many operations within the Heavenfield.

Although fitted with a rudimentary track system, the EX units had poor manoeuvrability and speed, and needed to be towed if any great distances were to be travelled.

Heavenfield -- Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform

Crew - 10

  • 1 x officer (Captain)
  • 1 x driver / spotter
  • 1 x spotter
  • 1 x gunner
  • 6 x ammunition handlers


A class of heavy guns based upon a scaled-up energy weapon design (as opposed to the plasma-thrower principle used in the Patton Artillery Gun) were desirable to Exile, British, and American military planners alike because of their perceived advantages. These included a much greater rate-of-fire, as well as the direct line-of-sight firing necessary for engaging mobile targets, both on the ground and in the air.

There were many problems to overcome with the early designs, mainly down to balancing cooling the power source generators with the speed of the capacitor recharge.

But, eventually several different designs of energy cannon were developed, the largest of which were mounted upon a tracked carriage to afford them limited mobility.

Using sealed energy emitter units within a traditional magazine setup allowed troops a familiarity of use, and meant that the volatile ammunition could be stowed safely away from the hostile atmosphere of the Heavenfield. The Mobile AA Platform was the heaviest of the designs, and traded rate-of-fire for its incredible stopping-power. During the three power-up between shots, the sound of the capacitors charging is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Because of the difficulty in transporting the units (they were too heavy to be air-lifted), the HEATs (Heavy Energy Artillery Tracked) were often reserved for perimeter defence in static, fortified emplacements, a role they fulfilled admirably.

Anti-aircraft Group

  • 1 x Gun -- 10 x Crew
  • 1 x Transport with trailer + 1 x Medium HAB -- 1 x Driver
  • 1 x Coolant Bowser + Transport vehicle -- 1 x Driver, 1 x Weapons Officer, 2 x Ground Crew
  • 1 x Ammunition Trailer + Transport Vehicle + 1 x Small HAB -- 1 x Driver, 1 x Weapons Officer, 6 x Crew


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