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Mobile Missile Platform - IMP


Vehicle Name
Mobile Missile Platform - IMP
Vehicle Type
Multi-Legged Missile Platform
Vehicle Height
2.3m (7.54ft)
Vehicle Length
6.55m (21.48ft)
Vehicle Width
2.5m (8.2ft)
Vehicle Weight
15,000kg (33,000lb)
Vehicle Speed
16kph (10mph)
Vehicle Powerplant
LL1V(c) - Sealed turbine system
Vehicle Range
91km (56.87miles)
Vehicle Crew
2 - 1 x Driver, 1 x Weapons Officer
Vehicle Passengers
Vehicle Armament
Various - see below
Vehicle Description

The IMP Mobile Missile Platform (MMP, pronounced 'Imp' by the troops) was an attempt by American engineers to mount various static missile launchers on to a mobile carriage.

Using the Gazelle Light-Reconnaissance vehicle chassis they were able to develop an effective weapons platform.

Although the IMP variants have only limited mobility, they have proven an effective unit for perimeter defence, especially against Fieldship and airborne Demon threats or Titan-class Demons, where a heavy, prolonged weapon delivery system is essential.

Being lightweight also allows the the IMPs to be air-dropped directly into a combat situation.

The platform can also be loaded upon a tracked trailer unit for vehicle towing.

Missile Group

  • 4 x Standard A/233h Mobile Missile Platforms (2 crew x2)
  • 2 x Heavy b/24V MMPs (2 crew x2)
  • 1 x Command / Fire-control module (1 x Driver, 1 x Weapons Officer, 4 x Officers)
  • 3 x Transports with small HABs and MMP trailers (2 Units on each trailer)
  • (1 x Driver x 3, 1 x Weapons Officer x3, 4 x Ground Crew x3)
  • 2 x Transports with supply trailers (carrying equipment and missile storage) (1 x Driver x2, 3 x Ground-crew x2)


Var A/233h -- The 233 has multiple packed launch tubes with 2x3x3 configuration (two rows of three tubes, with three missiles in each tube).

Var B/24V -- Heavier variant, with 8 x single tubes delivering the larger Hellstrike missiles.


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