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Operation Underworld


Reference Notes

Operation Underworld was a U.S Military Mission led by Lt Colonel Boynes, tasked with the following objectives:

  • Recover hardware lost at the Battle of Maunsworth Field - Primarily the Flagship 'Divinity'
  • Search for Speers and the Herald - recover any surviving crew members
  • Search for the Angel entity
  • Ascertain that the British are adhering to the Field Treaty

After the Battle of Maunsworth Field, several key figures within the American military and political wings were unwilling to give up the tactical and monetary advantages promised by the Heavenfield. While debating the terms of the Field Treaty, which would see all activity into the Heavenfield halted, a military operation was also being planned in secret. The disappearance of so many men aboard Speers' Flagship, 'The Herald', was a deep cause for concern, and the abandonment of military hardware at the end of the Battle of Maunsworth Field was seen as a mistake that needed rectifying.

Therefore, the primary missions of Lt Colonel Boynes' task-force were to attempt the recovery of the Flagship Divinity, and capture Speers' ship the Herald and recover its lost crew.

In order to achieve such a large operation, a huge part of the newly-formed Heavenfield fighting units were assembled together and designated 'Taskforce Tartaros' (the name came from Greek mythology, and was a deep abyss used to imprison the Titans).

The task-force was to enter the Heavenfield right upon the closure of the Entry-Points with the signing of the Field Treaty, and were to spend many months searching for Speers in the wastes around Maunsworth, virtually marooned in the Heavenfield.

Structure & Organisation

12th Battalion - Task Force 'Tartaros'

The combined fighting units within Operation Underworld were formed into a task-force designated 'Tartaros'. Battalion-sized, it was made up from Companies of the 1st Field Division out of Ft Caulder:

  • 306th Infantry Company - 'The Deathwalkers'
  • 221st Infantry Company
  • 1st Combat Aviation Company - 'Hell from the skies'
  • 15th Armoured Company - 'Iron Fist'
  • 301st Artillery Company - 'Arrow'
  • Various Companies - Combat Engineers / Crew / Science Teams / Personnel / Crew for the Divinity

Total personnel: 1535

Structure of Task-force 'Tartaros'

1st Field Division Structure

Structure of personnel within the taskforce.

Operation Underworld

Composition of vehicular units.

306th Light Infantry Company - 'The Deathwalkers'

256 troops lead in the field by Capt. Gray, and assigned to the search for Thomas' Angel around the area of the ruined village. Defensive position Field-Base-Alpha-9 was set up as their operating outpost.

[see 306th Light Infantry Company]

221st Light Infantry Company

Comprised of troops less-experienced than the 306th, the 221st Company were tasked with ship security aboard the Divinity and two landing craft, as well as perimeter security around Burnt Plateau - 256 Troops.

1st Combat Aviation Company - 'Hell from the skies'

10 Fieldships plus crew, ground-crew, defence force and support staff.

[see 1st Combat Aviation Company]

15th Armoured Company - 'Iron Fist'

6 x Walkers

12 x CrABs including crew, ground-crew, defence force and support staff.

[see 15th Armoured Company]

301st Artillery Company - 'Arrow'

3 x Artillery Pieces + several mobile anti-aircraft units- 294 Troops.

The entirety of Arrow Company were assigned to 12th Battalion, Task Force 'Tartaros'.

[see 301st Artillery Company]


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