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Light Anti-Aircraft Platform


Vehicle Name
Light Anti-Aircraft Platform
Vehicle Type
Tracked LCMR gun-platform
Vehicle Height
3m (9.84ft)
Vehicle Length
4.3m (14.1ft)
Vehicle Width
2.5m (8.2ft)
Vehicle Weight
2,800kg (6,160lb)
Vehicle Speed
32kmh (20mph)
Vehicle Powerplant
Henschel 130/a Sealed turbine
Vehicle Range
122km (76.25miles)
Vehicle Crew
7 - 1 x Officer, 1 x Gunner, 1 x Spotter, 4 x Loaders/Crew
Vehicle Passengers
Vehicle Armament
2 x 30mm Short-pulse cannon (Keeler-Kurtz 768 Long-barrelled)
2 x 20mm Huntsman Rail Guns (upper) with auto-loader
Vehicle Description

Several adaptations of a basic heavy energy cannon. Although designated as Anti-Aircraft weapons, these towed gun carriages are just as often found engaging ground targets, though their lack of mobility and armour make them vulnerable to attack.

Unlike Artillery Guns which fire a fused-plasma payload in a parabolic trajectory, the energy cannons require line-of-sight targeting, further exposing them to attack.

Limited mobility - towed for long-distance transport.

Heavenfield -- Light Anti-Aircraft Platform

Crew - 7

  • 1 x officer
  • 1 x Gunner
  • 1 x Spotter
  • 4 x Loaders

Ammunition Charge Variants

  1. SCAP - Short-Charge Capacitor
  2. LCMR - Long-Charge Multiple-Round
  3. ECAP - Energy Charge - Armour-Piercing
  4. ECB - Blast Round (Starburst)
  5. ECT - Tracer

SCAP - Short-Charge Capacitor ammunition fires a heavier projectile than LCMR, with one charge-one-round and a short build-up cycle between firing.

LCMR - The Long-charge, multiple round ammunition utilises a long-cycle capacitor charge, then a multi-burst of up to five projectiles in quick succession from an integrated magazine-pack. The rounds are smaller than the SCAP rounds, with less penetrating power.

ECAP - Energy Charge - Armour-Piercing. A focused energy emitter delivers a narrow energy beam capable of punching through armour.

ECB - Energy Charge - Blast. Also know as the Starburst, the ECB employs timed emitters to achieve a radial blast at a specified range (time from launch).

ECT - Energy Charge - Tracer. Not widely utilised, as the other ammunition gives adequate optical recognition in most atmospheric conditions. The tracer round, like the ECB employs a timed emitter, which vapourises the load material after ejection, allowing the round to phosphoresce over several seconds.

Has little damage value, but can be used as a marker flare, or to light up dark areas of the battlefield.

Heavenfield -- Light Anti-Aircraft Platform


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