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Landing Craft


Vehicle Name
Landing Craft
Vehicle Type
LC-AB-30 Airborne Landing Craft
Vehicle Height
23.7m (78ft)
Vehicle Length
39m (127.9ft)
Vehicle Width
25.6m (84ft)
Vehicle Weight
594tonnes (full load) 131,000lb
Vehicle Speed
143kmh (89mph)
Vehicle Powerplant
5 x LLV-60 Gas turbines - 3 for lift, 2 for propulsion
Vehicle Range
4865km (3023 miles)
Vehicle Crew
17 - 1 x Commander, 1 x Operator, 1 x Navigator, 3 x Weapons Officers, 8 x Crewmen, 3 x Loader/Operators
Vehicle Passengers
256 Infantry with no load, OR 64 troops with 2 x Walkers and 2 x CrABs
Vehicle Armament
2 x Forward turrets - each with twin 30mm A7 Energy Cannons
1 x 180mm Long-Pulse Plasma-thrower (rear turret)
4 x Mounted Rail Guns
2 x EX-14v Firestrike Missile Bays
Vehicle Description

Front-line transport ships that carry soldiers, vehicles and munitions to the heart of the battle.

The vessels are of American origin, based upon the technologies developed by the Exiles in their Fieldship designs.

Heavenfield -- Landing Craft

Used by General Boynes’ group to supplement their Flagship, the landing craft use Fieldship-based multi-directional turbines to raise the vessel to a maximum of twenty feet above ground level.

Although lightly armoured, the craft have twin forward energy cannon mounted in two turrets, and a heavy plasma thrower at the rear of the vessel.

Heavenfield -- Landing Craft


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