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Dead City of Angels


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Dead City of Angels
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A manifestation of the combined Maunsworth and Hayden Hill Arrays in the Heavenfield. It is believed that Thomas Sullivan’s consciousness somehow created the city as a bridge back into everyday reality.

Laid siege by American forces in the Battle of the Dead City. Built by a host of Angels on an ice-plain with a foundation of thousands of dead souls, the City is a place of corrosion and decay. Strange, alien architectures of harsh lines intertwine with organic, sculptural forms.

The figure beside him turned his face to appraise the scene beyond the ridge. Thomas, his mind in complete panic, followed his gaze, and almost cried out, overwhelmed.

He was once again overlooking the vast ice-plain, but now it was blackened with ash and scattered rocks.

And in its centre stood a city.

The metal walls glinted dully in the setting sun, the rust staining them red. Jagged towers thrust up from behind the walls like rotten stumps, rising higher and higher into the red sky, to be lost in a vast dust cloud that circled high above them. Thomas felt as though he were losing his mind. The city was completely alien to his eye, and made him sick to his stomach. It looked ugly and obscene, neglected and deserted, yet at the same time Thomas felt as if he were being scrutinised from somewhere behind the black windows...

The Dead Man's Feast

The Dead City of Angels

The Dead City of Angels.

The Dead City of Angels - Statue

The Dead City of Angels - Statue

The Dead City of Angels - Statue


There has been much speculation as to the nature of the Dead City, which seemed to appear from nowhere, but related somehow to Thomas Sullivan's desire to return from the Heavenfield.

What is known is that the vast city appeared to be a projection of both the Hayden Hill and Maunsworth Arrays, forming a link between the everyday world and the Field. Somehow the catalyst for the creation of the city appeared to have been the gathering together of thousands upon thousands of dead souls, somehow drawn by Sullivan under the influence of the mysterious Mouth of God entity.

The nature of these entities is as yet unknown, and some argue that the use of such superstitious terminologies can be somewhat misleading.

The Ice Plains

But the entities were drawn to an area beneath a newly-formed ice-plain (yet another example of the shifting rules of reality which underpin the Heavenfield), and became both creators and destroyers of the city, as the concentration of so many phantasms proved an irresistible draw to huge numbers of large Demons, eager to feast upon the ghosts.

The Tower

As the combined Accelerator Arrays of Maunsworth and Hayden Hill were drawn into the Heavenfield, and the barriers between worlds were broken down, they began to manifest in the form of a dark city. At the centre of this structure was the Entry-Point, the Array Chamber visualised by Thomas Sullivan as a tall tower, atop which he was imprisoned as his consciousness fought an inner battle against the Angel and Demon entities he carried within.

The City of Light

As the conflict within Thomas came to an end, the Dead City was transformed. The inner battles and turmoil absent for the time-being left the location as a shining city of light, wondrous to look upon.


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