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Angel Entity


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Angel Entity
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Denizens of the Heavenfield, believed somehow related to the Demon race.

However, whereas the Demons have demonstrated nothing but hostile actions towards humans, the Angels have shown a more benign attitude.

There has been much speculation as to the nature of the Angels, and whether they are a race of sentient beings in themselves, or, as some have hypothesised, they are some manifestation of a shared human conciousness. Interaction with these creatures is so rare that a scientific judgement is still far from being made.

...It seemed to take an age for the figure to remove its suit, piece by piece, layer by layer. Thomas stared open-mouthed and awe-struck. Under the scarred and battered helmet was another, into which the large, black eye-pieces were set. Next was revealed a face-mask, and breathing apparatus made up of tubes and hoses, all old and corroded.

Layer upon layer was removed with slow, weary movements, and then suddenly Thomas saw a hand, pulled from out of a gauntlet, itself from within the huge metal claw. The hand was the most delicate and elegant he had ever seen, with impossibly pale, translucent skin which seemed to glow a soft white light. Next Thomas saw a part of a face revealed, beautiful in its perfection, and Thomas wondered why such features should ever be hidden under that ungainly armour.

And then the final pieces of the suit were removed, and Thomas stared, spellbound, everything else forgotten. The figure seemed to unfold itself from the last of the metal casing. It was impossibly beautiful, with bare, slender limbs, high cheekbones and long, slanting eyes which contained no white at all. They were two black orbs which seemed to hold all the sorrow there ever was. Thomas cried as he looked upon the figure.

“You’re an angel,” he whispered through his tears.


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