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Hayden Hill


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Hayden Hill Research Facility
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Hayden Hill is the sister-facility to Maunsworth, housing an identical Accelerator Array. It was the location for the first British discovery of the Standing-Point Effect, but a later experiment was sabotaged by the Exiles, and the Facility was put out of action for some time.

During this period, work moved over to the Maunsworth Facility, and research continued, culminating in the first British expedition into the Field.

A large site of military and civilian buildings was built atop an underground complex which stretched for miles in a series of labyrinthine tunnels. With the advent of Standing-Point research, an enormous Accelerator Array was constructed hundreds of feet below the barren moorland. It was here, Hayden Hill, and at her sister site, Maunsworth, that work into a method of communication using extreme upper order energy frequencies led to the discovery of an entirely new energy concept, which was soon to be named the Heavenfield.

Heavenfield -- Hayden Hill - Surface Levels

Plan of the surface levels.

The destruction of Hayden Hill was the researchers’ first encounter with the ‘Exiles’, a fanatical group of ex-Soviet’s determined to prevent the discovery and misuse of the Heavenfield. It was the start of a violent train of events which led to the Battle of Maunsworth Field, where British, Americans, and ultimately the Exiles themselves fought alongside one another to prevent the hideous denizens of the Field from forcing a way through the Maunsworth Entry-Point out into the everyday world.

Early Experiments

Hayden Hill Transcript

Transcript from the Hayden Hill experiment which ended in the destruction of the Array.


After the sabotage by the Exiles the Accelerator Array was out of action for some considerable time, and work was moved to the Maunsworth Facility. It wasn't until after the Battle of Maunsworth Field that Hayden Hill became operational again, by which time political tensions led to the signing of the Field Treaty, and all Heavenfield research came to a halt.


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