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Maunsworth Research Facility
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When expansion plans could no longer be contained within the Maunsworth House site, the Project moved into the next valley, leaving the Stately Home to be mothballed, where it fell into a state of disrepair.

An enormous excavation of the new site resulted in the Standing-Point Accelerator Array tunnels which stretched for miles deep underground, and linked with the existing tunnel systems, as well as a completely new underground research and habitation centre. The sub-levels contained everything necessary for day-to-day living, including accommodation, cafés, bars and even a library.

All this was joint-funded by the British Military, and Maunsworth Garrison, a well-appointed military base occupied a large portion of the surface site.

Maunsworth Research Facility


The Maunsworth Logo was inspired by the matrix of six particle accelerators feeding into the central core.


Early version logo before the final matrix of sub-arrays was completed.

Surface Level

The surface of the Maunsworth Research Facility is a sprawling site, part civilian scientific campus, part military base, the two elements in often-uneasy coexistence.

The military site is made up of a barracks quarter with all the amenities, as well as staff buildings, machine shops, parade ground and firing range [see Maunsworth Garrison].

The civilian campus comprises of an information centre, some staff housing (though the majority of housing is below the surface), and the main Research Centre building. This has conference centres, offices and labs, and is the main point of entry into the lower levels that house the majority of the underground facility.

Maunsworth and the surrounding area.

A map showing the extent of the array tunnels surrounding the Maunsworth site.

maunsworth-research-facility surface levels

Detail of the Maunsworth Research Facility surface structures.

Sub-Level 1 - Habitation

Although there were surface quarters for some of the staff at Maunsworth, most lived and worked underground, and the habitation level had most things needed for day-to-day life. This included sleeping-quarters, a gym, shops, bars, an Infirmary, and a library.

Maunsworth Research Facility Sub-Level Plans

The Habitation Level was built around the concourse.

The Concourse

The concourse was quite literally the hub of the habitation level, and was a busy meeting place where staff could socialise in an informal atmosphere. A fountain and water feature dominated the centre of the public space, with tables and chairs surrounding it.

The space would even host some of the impromptu parties that Dr. Grace Palmer was famous for organising.


The library on the habitation level was used as a reference centre for research and studies. This was a low-security centre, an archive of more sensitive and secret documents pertaining to the Standing-Point Project was run by military personnel. This archive centre was part of the military sub-levels, a separate sector.

The library was run by the severe Miss Castle at the time of the Heavenfield events. Susan Moranne was Assistant Librarian, and is of interest because of her relationship to Thomas Sullivan.


A small medical centre was located within the habitation level, able to deal with minor injuries. Anything more serious would be referred to the medical centre, located on the surface level.

Sub-Levels 2, 3 and 4 - Research & Development

The sub-levels below Habitation were dedicated to Research and Development. There were extensive labs and test rooms, as well as the computer hub, power plants, and processing sectors.

Sub-level 2 was mostly maintenance and processing, with an air-conditioning plant, power, water, and waste management.

Sub-level 3 housed the server farms and technology hubs, while Sub-level 4 was mostly dedicated to higher-security clearance experimental testing labs.

Maunsworth Research Facility Memo

At one point it was believed that the Facility was responsible for the crash of a small passenger aircraft. At this time Maunsworth was locked-down while police underwent their investigations.

Accelerator Array

The vast network of tunnels that made up the Accelerator Array stretched for miles deep beneath the northern British moorland, and was the heart of the Maunsworth Research Facility - [see Accelerator Array - Maunsworth].

Train System

An electric train network ran throughout the sub-levels of the facility, connecting the sprawling tunnel system. At the height of the British political tensions with America, the original Maunsworth House complex was reopened to provide a Production Plant for environment suit and weapon development. A connecting tunnel was dug between the Research Facility and Maunsworth House's sub-levels, complete with a large-scale station complex and electric trains [see Maunsworth House].


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