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Shattered Forest


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Shattered Forest
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During the Battle of Maunsworth Field, a detachment of U.S forces combined with members of the Exile 'Wraith' Platoon were dug in around Palmer's Point in an effort to disrupt the Demon army's assault. Although the U.S. forces were veterans of combat actions around the globe, they were ill-prepared for the supernatural horrors that were to come, and made the mistake of engaging fire with a group of phantasmagorical apparitions (the remnants of their own fallen comrades). In this engagement several physical anomalies were triggered [see Ghosts], including the appearance of a shattered forest of burnt trees. Many U.S. servicemen were themselves killed in the violent appearance of this place, and rumours abound that they still walk its shadows, themselves doomed to haunt the Heavenfield.

The Shattered Forest has become a place of fear and darkness, avoided by patrols who feel it safer to journey the extra distance to Palmer's Point than risk its unnerving shadows.

"...There was a deep, subterranean rumble as the earth around the trench shook. Small stones fell in from the walls and Dan cried out as the very floor began to heave. He stepped out of the way just in time as a huge spike thrust out of the earth, shooting up above their heads.

All about them, the charred, blasted remains of tree-trunks pushed up through the hard ground, and in a second the entire landscape was altered. Dan looked about in terror, as the soldiers nearby cried out, impaled upon sharp branches where they lay, stuck in the black mud. One man dangled twenty feet in the air, a branch stuck through his shoulder. He screamed for a moment, then the blast from a gun hit him and he lay still.

Carparso looked around in amazement and dread as Boris lowered his smoking gun.

“This is not good,” cursed the big man, turning back to the mist..."

Extract from the Battle of Maunsworth Field


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