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Unknown phenomena witnessed by Saul Davisson’s ill-fated Maunsworth Expedition into the Field. Strange and horrific apparitions which seemed capable of limited interaction with their observers.

It is unknown at present whether these ‘ghosts’ are purely hallucinatory experiences or sentient beings in their own right.


There have been numerous, well-documented reports of the various apparitions collectively dubbed as 'ghosts' or 'phantoms'. Some of the most impressive of sightings were focussed around large-scale combat areas, such as the Battle of Maunsworth Field, or the Battle of the Dead City. During these engagements many encounters with supernatural manifestations were reported, often including the return of fallen comrades besieging unfortunate troops.

Dangers & Interaction

The key to avoiding the very real dangers associated with any apparition encounter was quickly learned by the Exiles, and later passed on to the other allied forces (but not before some horrific attrition rates). This rule was: at all costs avoid interaction with the apparitions, who will seek to draw their victims into a spiralling level of engagement, that inevitably leads to an unpredictable and invariably violent conclusion.

As if possessed of a certain sentience, the apparitions attempt to draw the observer into contact with them, as if the interaction empowers them in some way. They will use any way they can to precipitate interaction, often playing on an observer's fear, anger hate, and more often than not their compassion. If they are ignored, the apparitions (though unsettling and often deeply distressing) appear powerless to harm, but it takes a surprisingly small degree of interaction to afford them the strength to cause injury  [see The Murderer's House].

Training manual given to new Exile recruits.

Training manual given to new Exile recruits.


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