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Ruined Village


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Ruined Village
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A strange collection of buildings not far from the Maunsworth Entry-Point, different architectures melded disconcertingly into one another.

The British research team discovered the area on their second phase of expeditions into the Field, but were attacked by an Exile group before they could explore it fully. It was in this curious collection of buildings that Thomas Sullivan and Grace Palmer first encountered the Angel. The entity is believed to inhabit a tunnel system beneath the ruins, but subsequent searches by U.S. Troops failed to find its location.

Ruined Village Map

A map of the area around the Maunsworth Entry-Point.

After the Battle of Maunsworth Field, the ruins were overrun by demons. Most were dispersed upon the Americans return, when they set up a base of operations nearby [see Fieldbase Alpha- 9]. But one creature, LV-8 (referred to as ‘Old Nick’) could not be dislodged, and continued to feed upon the seemingly endless supply of ghosts in the area.

It has been postulated that the ruins themselves are a collection of psychological events imprinted onto the Field, each dwelling harbouring some traumatic memory, but there is no evidence to support this theory.


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