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Burnt Plateau


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Burnt Plateau
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When American forces returned to the British Entry-Point after the Battle of Maunsworth Field, they set up a headquarters on high ground a little way from the dangers of Valley. This site was known as Burnt Plateau.


Looking North-East from Maunsworth Entry-Point towards Burnt Plateau.

This area was an ideal natural defensive position, and became the main base of U.S Operations.

For a long time the U.S. forces clung on to the territory with grim determination, their small numbers up against the difficulties of the Field's atmosphere as well as repeated attacks from Demon Entities still roaming the area after the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

But after some time and struggle, Operation Underworld (as the task force's mission was known) built its defences into a chain of outposts virtually encompassing the entire valley and battle plain.

Burnt Plateau was the largest of these fortifications, and housed a large detachment of forces under the command of Lt Colonel Boynes. Logistics, Supplies and Command were centred here, with progressively smaller outposts creating a chain of defences, the next-largest being Fieldbase Alpha-9. Other Sentinel and Observation posts were sometimes little more than a concrete shelter, air-dropped into place.


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