Website Relaunch!

Jun 27, 2023 | News, Patreon, website

Website relaunch! 

I am excited to announce the latest relaunch of my website!

It brings together all my writing, art and music from what was previously 5 separate sites.


Browse all my completed books and series, and see updates for my works-in-progress.

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If you are a patron then you have access to all of my audiobooks - that's 7 complete stories and one ongoing. All for as little as $1!

Find out how to become a Patron here.


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Previously, the different book series were located on separate websites. I've merged them all together, so you can now discover a world of detail about each one, with notes on characters, locations and much more!

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I've added a completely new gallery of hundreds of my paintings, as well as updated the print store, where you can buy high quality art prints.

website screenshot


I've also added the content from my music website, listing a selection of songs and soundtracks. I've also added a section from my former band, Banoffi, so you listen to all our albums and songs.

website screenshot
This has been a huge undertaking, and took far longer than I thought it would! There's still loads of stuff from my past projects that I want to add, as well as adding all the new stories. But it's a good start for now!

I hope you enjoy the new site.

All the best,

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