The Ruby House – Teaser Video

Oct 27, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

Episode 15 of 20 - The Circle of Souls. 

I made a short teaser video for episode 15 of The Ruby House.

This wonderfully macabre episode is out just in time for Halloween!

Watch it in the link below, or become a patron listen to the audiobook!

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The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

The Circle of Souls Audiobook

Episode Fifteen - Silvermere

Previously... Maia and Erebus have finally found the location of the mysterious Book of Souls.

But Maia has discovered that all this time, Madame Gourgonne has been spying upon them through the magical crystal upon Pip's collar.

Knowing now that their horrid tutor is watching their every move, Maia and Erebus must come up with a plan to get the Book of Souls to safety...

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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All the best!

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