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Aug 18, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 14 - The Circle of Souls. 


It's been a busy month, but I'm happy to announce that Ep 14 of the CIRCLE OF SOULS is now available to all patrons!


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There are 20 episodes in all, so we're starting to build up towards the finale now.

I have enjoyed working some more on the original music pieces for the audiobook, and am really pleased with the depth and fullness of the soundtrack. It is what I always strived for with the other stories, but I think is the first time I have fully achieved it.


The Seven Symbols

Work is going well on the SEVEN SYMBOLS, and I am pretty much at a point where all the chapters are written. I have a bit more to copy up, and then some more editing to do. It's been a weird story to write really, because I haven't managed to plan it, as it keeps going off in random directions. That has required a lot of re-writing in order to follow the general storyline, but it has proved very satisfying to do.


The Heavenfield Datavault

I recently stumbled across the working files for the HEAVENFIELD DATAVAULT.

I had pretty much forgotten about this huge, sprawling project that I started over ten years ago!

I found these mock-ups that I had done of some pages, and it got me interested in the project again:


The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Heavenfield Datavault
The Heavenfield Datavault
The Heavenfield Datavault
The Heavenfield Datavault

I had a look around, and Amazon now do a large format hardcover photo book in their print-on-demand section. In the past, the costs of printing had become prohibitive, and I kept having to change the book size to try and get a cheaper deal. In the end I just got overwhelmed with all the work needed to finish it, and gave up.

Looking at the Amazon option now, I think it might be viable to give it another go, especially after producing so many images via Midjourney AI. I've recently been producing loads of interesting Heavenfield images to add to the online Datavault:

The Heavenfield Datavault

I think I will start off trying to get Part One - Locations finished, and see if I can get it released in print.

Would you be interested in seeing the Datavault as a hardcover book?



After finally getting the bulk of my paintings uploaded to the new website, I have been thinking about putting up the originals for sale. I have consciously hung on to them in the past, even when people have tried to purchase them. There has always been something totemic about keeping them, but my feelings have changed a little recently.

There are so many paintings and drawings all in storage, that I think it would be nice to send them out into the world. I am planning on working out some system for selling them online, since most of them are just loose canvasses at present that have been removed from their frames. I would have to reframe them to order, but that shouldn't be too difficult.


The Circle of Souls Audiobook

Anyway, back to the latest release of the RUBY HOUSE audiobook!

Episode Fourteen - The Circle of Souls

Previously... Maia and Erebus search the Hall of Myths and Legends in an attempt to discover the mysterious Book of Souls.


But their hateful tutor, Madame Gourgonne, has also learned of the Book's existence and is racing to find it first.


As the end of term draws near, the children make a breakthrough discovery, but time is running out to retrieve the Book of Souls...

I hope you enjoy this episode!

This audiobook is available to all patrons - login here to listen to the series:

All the best!

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