The Ruby House – Episode 13 – Out Now!

Jul 6, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 13 - The Circle of Souls. 


The thirteenth episode of the Ruby House audiobook is now available to all patrons.


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I'm sorry this episode has been a bit of a longer wait than usual, but I've been having to take on more paid work recently as the cost of living goes up.

Also, you may have seen that I have finally released the website update! You can now see all of my writing, art, and music all in one website. There is still loads to add, but I hope you can enjoy browsing and listening to my past work.

I was really pleased to get a section up with some of the music from my old band, Banoffi. You can listen to our three main albums for free, and I'm hoping to upload a lot of our other releases soon. The band was a big part of my life for over ten years, and it feels good to be able to share it all with you.

Check it out here:



Work is still progressing well on the stories. I'm still trying to finish up the final parts of The Seven Symbols, as well as continuing to put down more ideas for all the other stories. You can check out the progress of my books here:


The Ruby House

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how the Ruby House story is going at present. We're up to episode thirteen out of twenty, and Maia is beginning to understand that there is a whole history to Heldrassë that has been hidden from her. The world is opening up before her, and she is becoming aware of the danger that she and the other children of the Great Houses are facing.

Episode Thirteen - The Circle of Souls

Previously... Maia struggles to adjust to school life under the tutelage of the fearsome Madame Gourgonne.

But when she is thrown into the ancient Hall of Myths and Legends as punishment, she happens upon a remarkable discovery.

It seems that the kingdom of Heldrassë holds a terrible secret, and she can uncover it if only she can follow the clues to the mysterious Book of Souls...

I hope you enjoy this episode!

This audiobook is available to all patrons - login here to listen to the series:

All the best!

The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook

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