The Ruby House – Episode 12 – Now Available!

May 26, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 12 - The Hall of Myths and Legends. 


The twelfth episode of THE RUBY HOUSE audiobook is now available to all Patrons.

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I'm really enjoying recording the Ruby House story - it's so much fun!
Maia's evil schoolmistress, Madame Gourgonne, has to be one of my favourite characters, and it is such a great challenge to make her as deliciously cruel as possible.
While this audiobook is in production, I've been working on the outline of book 3 (book 2 is complete). I have a good idea of the overall story arc, and am trying to get the key story points fleshed out before I launch fully into writing it.
But I've been working mostly on my separate story - The Seven Symbols. I still don't know what on earth to do with this one when it is complete, but it's only a few chapters away from being finished now.
Anyway, back to the latest episode of The Ruby House. I've been composing more pieces of music to go with it, which I've uploaded to the soundtrack page. Patrons can listen to all the tracks.
Hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode Twelve - A Shadow Falls Across the Sun

Previously... Maia is troubled to see her beloved tutor falling into ill health.

She suspects that the black jewel Miss Solait has taken to wearing is the cause, but nobody will believe her.

But her worries turn out to be well-founded, and Maia's schooling is about to take a turn for the worst as a new royal tutor takes charge...


The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook

This audiobook pre-release version is available exclusively to Patrons.

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