The Ruby House – Episode 11 – Now Available!

May 5, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 11 - A Shadow Falls Across the Sun. 


The eleventh episode of THE RUBY HOUSE audiobook is now available to all Patrons.

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It's been a busy few weeks recently. I have been ploughing on with the new website, and it's getting ever nearer to going live. I'm at that stage of having a huge list of little fiddly jobs that I've been putting off, but can't any longer. Shouldn't be too long though. It's great to have all of my writing, art, and music all in one place - hope you enjoy browsing through it too!
I'm nearing the end of The Seven Symbols, my latest story, which is totally unrelated to (and nothing like!) anything I've done before. Those who have followed me in the past will know that I've been working on this story for around thirty years(!), and it's so odd to being close to finishing it. I say odd, because I'm not sure what to do with it when it's complete. It's sweary, probably offensive, but maybe quite funny too, so I might just put it out for patrons and see what you make of it!
But anyway, I've been having great fun recording the latest episode of the Ruby House audiobook. Probably the most fun recording to date! Playing the part of the wicked Madame Gourgonne has been such a laugh. She's up there with my favourite all-time characters!
Have a listen and see what you think...

Episode Ten - A Shadow Falls Across the Sun

Previously... Maia sees Queen Sofia at the royal procession, and is shocked to see how frail she looks.

She also sees that the Queen has a Heartstone of her own, just like the one Maia has been given.

She is beginning to realise just how many secrets are kept by the Ruby House...


The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook

This audiobook pre-release version is available exclusively to Patrons.

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