The Ruby House – Episode 09 – Now Available!

Jan 18, 2023 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 09 - Dangerous Days.

Episode Nine of the audiobook is now available to all Patrons!


The ninth episode of THE RUBY HOUSE, is now available to all Patrons.

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I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. I've been busy working on so many different things that I've found it hard to know where I am!
I've had some good writing sessions on all the book series, which includes making a start on the third book of the Circle of Souls, and getting near to completing the fourth Lumina story.
I've also been working on the music side of things, composing pieces for the audiobooks. Over Christmas I treated myself to a set of drum pads, which I have been wanting for years now. This allows me to trigger samples for recording percussion parts. I've had great fun playing some thunderous timpani parts for the more orchestral pieces!
One of the main projects though has been a HUGE website update. I've decided to put all my work together on one mega site, which means fusing five websites into one and adding a load more content.
This has proven to be quite an undertaking, but I'm getting there. The hope is to be able to share all the writing, art, and music that I've done over the years. There's so much that has been languishing unseen on my computer - I hope you can enjoy it soon.
Anyway, I have also completed the ninth audiobook episode for The Ruby House. Maia is beginning to find out that all is not as it seems in the capital, and that the kingdom holds some dark secrets, of which it is forbidden to speak.

Episode Nine - Dangerous Days

Previously... Maia and Erebus search the secret tunnel in the orchard and discover a vast network of catacombs stretching beneath the city.

But they also discover a far more dangerous secret, and barely escape with their lives...


The Circle of Souls - The Ruby House audiobook
Maia Swanne
Maia Swanne

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