The Heavenfield series is now complete in Audiobook Format

Mar 9, 2020 | eBook, HEAVENFIELD, News

And a sale on the Kindle version!


To celebrate the release of The Dead Man's Feast in audiobook, for a limited time on, get the Kindle version for only 99c!

I'm happy to announce the relasae of The Dead Man's Feast on Audible! This means that all three Heavenfield books are available to listen to.

To celebrate, I'm having a sale on, so you can pick up the Kindle version for just 99c.

And remember, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get the whole series for Free!

All the best, I G.

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The Dead Man's Feast on Audible

The Dead Man's Feast

The battle may be over… But the war has just begun…

The thrilling second book of The Heavenfield series!

Free with 30-day Audible trial!

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Grace Palmer tries to return to the Standing-Point Project after the chaos of the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

But things have changed radically since those climactic events, and her team find themselves facing altogether new adversaries as well as old.

Thomas Sullivan, awkward eccentric and visionary of the Heavenfield Project is lost within a terrifying inner journey, and ultimately stands at a crossroads, where the wrong choice of path could lead to the destruction of the world as we know it…

All the best,


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