The Heavenfield, Dramatised Edition – Episode 07 – Out Now!

Oct 19, 2022 | Audiobook, HEAVENFIELD, News, Patreon

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 07 - A Walk Amongst the Dead.

Episode Seven of the audiobook is now available to all Patrons!

The seventh episode of THE HEAVENFIELD, Dramatised Edition is now available to all Patrons.

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Previously... Alex and Dragor have been tracked down to the warehouse by Gutteridge and his men, who are working for the mysterious American, Speers. Dragor is shot, presumed dead, whilst Alex barely escapes with his life, onto the roof of the warehouse, and with nowhere left to go, leaps off the edge into the darkness.


Meanwhile, back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, the Accelerator Array is repaired and Grace Palmer prepares to lead a rescue team into the Field.


But, for the expedition team members trapped in the Heavenfield, they are running out of time. With their environment suits failing in the corrosive atmosphere, and their air supplies running out, they decide to risk returning to the base camp. They leave the safety of their cave and head out into the dust storm, unsure if they will ever find their way home...


The Heavenfield Audiobook - Dramatised Edition

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