March Update


Things are super-busy at the moment, so I just wanted to give you an update on where my various projects are in development.

You may have seen that I’ve created a project board on Trello - listing most of the things that I’m working on. If you’d like, you can vote on which projects you’d like to see me work on first.

Check out my project list on trello.

The Circle of Souls

My main focus is on the Circle of Souls book 2 at present. I’m sooo close to getting this one finished. It’s almost at 90,000 words and I have 2 full chapters and 2 half chapters to go - nearly there! My plan then is to focus on the audiobook version of Book 1, and to prepare the release of the ebooks and paperback.

I’m hoping to set a pre-order for the end of April, early May, and have the audiobook completed then too.

I shall release the audiobook to patrons as I create it.

All projects

The Circle of Souls books.

Alongside this, I’ve been working really hard on an update to the Circle of Souls 3D game. I’ve managed to add a framework for lots of interactivity, so you can now pick up and inspect items, collect keys to unlock certain doors, open secret entrances - all sorts! I have a lot of work to tidy it up and do some interiors, but the next update will be starting to look much like a mini game.

I’m hoping to get this to a level where it’s a finished contained area of Crowe Hall for people interested in the story to download and play. It will give some more information on the world the story is set in.

The Heavenfield

I’ve been working some more on the fourth Heavenfield book, which is about 40,000 words long so far (though I do have a good framework for the story arc). I’ve been thinking about working towards finishing the first part and releasing it to patrons, as splitting it up works well for me.

This is coinciding with work that I’ve been doing on the audiobooks. I never felt as though I finished the first two. Although book 1 does have some sound effects and music, compared to The Diary of Otto Kandinsky, it is very sparse. And The Dead Man’s Feast is just the narration.

So, I’m currently working on a full soundtrack version of all the Heavenfield titles. Returning to the first chapters after so long has been really inspiring, and I think it’s sounding great.

I plan to release these free on Youtube in the future, and try and find a way to monetise them through Youtube ads. But I will release them to patrons before that, as I create them.


I’m dying to get on with the Lumina story! A lot of Book 4 is written in my notebooks, waiting to be copied up, I’m just determined not to lose focus on the Circle of Souls until it’s completed.

One of the main reasons I’m so excited is because I’ve been working on the bones of a 3D game set in the story of Eden’s Mirror. So you’ll get to explore the deserted Outlander colony ship, the Ibis - perhaps with a few scares thrown in!

I’m really pleased with the early tests of this, and hope that I can complete a short, mini-game in the future.


I’m still working on some prints at the moment, exploring digital art especially. I’m hoping to get these up in the print store in the near-future.


I’ve felt pretty overwhelmed by the amount of projects I have on the go recently. I’ve struggled to know which ones to give my time to on a day-to-day basis. There’s always the pressure to find something creative that pays the bills, so I often struggle to justify working on a big project that may be the start of months of work. But that is why my patrons are always such a help and motivation - to know that there are people supporting my work financially is a massive help, every single day. Thank you!

All the best,


If you are interested in supporting the Heavenfield then do check out my Patreon page. It shows all the great rewards that are available, and you can pledge from as little as $1. Every pledge directly helps me release more writing, pictures, and recordings:



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