The Katana

NAME: The Katana
TYPE: Military Dropship (Excelsior-class)
CREW: 25
LENGTH: 182.73m
WIDTH: 60.14m
HEIGHT: 65.29m
MASS: 9,200t
4x Stalker Missile Pods
6x Dual Burst-Laser Turrets
1x Rail Gun

A military dropship built by Kreiger Industries for the Unity Federation.
Fitted with stealth runners and inter-system jump drives, the Katana can deploy up to six planetary troop transports and three drone carrier-craft.

The Katana was acquired by Grayell Wade of the Ghostrunners shortly before the naval base on Rhealde was overrun by the Luminal invasion.

As one of the most modern ships in the Ghostrunner fleet, the Katana was often used for stealth missions behind enemy lines.


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