Raven X-10

NAME: Raven X-10
TYPE: Hunter - Trader
LENGTH: 46.1m
WIDTH: 39m
HEIGHT: 11.2m
MASS: 7,200t
4x Star-Seeker Missile
2x Dual Burst-Laser Turrets
The Raven X-10 was designed as a medium trade ship with a strong fighting capability. It is well-suited to bounty hunting missions, where a modest cargo capacity is often required after the target ship has been destroyed or disable. It was also intended for high-value shipment running, such as VIP escort where pirate interdiction is anticipated.

As such, the Raven was often the preferred craft for other, illicit pursuits, such as smuggling and gun-running.

Because of the Luminal invasion shortly after inception, Rhealde Systemworks only manufactured a handful of these ships. It is believed that there are only a thousand or so left in existence.


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