Caramura Supertanker

NAME: Caramura Supertanker
TYPE: Medium System Freighter
LENGTH: 283.73m
WIDTH: 53.14m
HEIGHT: 56.6m
MASS: 50,200t
The Caramura Supertanker was once the staple of the inter-system shipping lanes. Produced in their millions, their large size meant they were the first freight vessels to really take advantage of the new A-class space ports.

Some would argue that the Great Expansion would never have occurred at the rate it did without the countless tonnes of cargo carried to the new colonies by these monoliths.

Although superseded by many larger freight ships, thousands of Caramuras were still in service up to the times of the Luminal invasion.

This fact alone is testament to the rugged design, adaptability, and durability of these workhorse vessels.


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