The Sulphur Belt

“Okay, get ready to turn to the next heading on my mark,” said Angelique ignoring Ryann’s comment. She was a picture of concentration, bent forward over the navigation screen. Ryann snatched a quick glance back at her, the panel she stared at just seemed a mass of static.

“How can you read anything on that screen?” hissed Ryann in concern. “We should go back and…”

“Turn now!” interrupted Angelique. Ryann looked back to the view-screen and almost cried out in alarm. Out of the thick yellow haze loomed a glowing fireball of molten rock the size of a city block. As Ryann turned sharply onto Angelique’s next vector, the asteroid slid lazily past the front of the ship, spitting hot sparks into space and leaving a dark trail of smoke and ashes behind it.

“Phew! That was too close!” whispered Ryann, but Angelique was already giving him his next bearing, and preparing him to turn at her command...


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