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Nov 15, 2022 | Audiobook, CIRCLE OF SOULS, Music, News, Patreon

6 pieces of music from the audiobook.

I wanted to share some of the music that I have been using for the new Ruby House audiobook. It's been great fun getting back into playing and recording music, as it was something that I did for many years when I was a gigging musician.

I have created a page on the Heavenfield website with six tracks and hope to add more as I create them. Patrons can access all six, while non-patrons can hear the first three.

Find out how to become a Patron here.

​There is also some explanation of how the tracks came about and references to the software I use.

I hope you enjoy listening to them!


You can view the page here:

You can also see a full list of patron rewards here:


I am hoping to get the next episode of The Heavenfield audiobook released in the next few days, as well as the Ruby House one.

It's been a busy few weeks recently. As well as the latest Heavenfield novel, I've been working on the latest LUMINA book, and have already copied up most of it. It's been nice to come back to it after a long break. I'd forgotten some of the twists and details, and I'm really enjoying discovering it as I copy it up from my notebooks!

I've also been sticking with the image creation in Midjourney AI. The latest alpha version is a huge leap in the way it represents people, and I'm getting some great results!

The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

I'll try and get a post out with some more of the images. Many of them need work on them in photoshop, so it's just trying to find the time - so far I have over 5,000 images downloaded!

Many thanks again for all your ongoing support!


The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme
The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme
The Circle of Souls Soundtrack by I.G. Hulme

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