Heaven’s Call – Episode 07 – Now Available!

Aug 20, 2021 | Audiobook, LUMINA, News, Patreon

LUMINA - Heaven's Call by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 07 - A Light Lost in the Shadows.


The Seventh episode of HEAVEN'S CALL is now available to all $2+ Patrons.

Find out how to become a Patron here.

Previously... Ryann is lost, walking the wrecked halls of the Luminal derelict.

Reality seems to shift around him and he struggles to keep his mind.

He meets Eve, a prisoner aboard the ship, but they are spotted by the terrifying Hive Queen who sends out her drones to hunt them down...


$2 and above Patrons can download and listen to the latest audiobook episodes in an exclusive release.

I've also been working hard on the 3D Virtual story location for Crowe Hall.

I'm hoping to get to a point soon where I can upload an update for you to play, but in the meantime here are some screenshots of the work so far:

The Circle of SoulsThe Circle of Souls

$5 and above Patrons can download the latest version of the game and travel around the scenes.

All patrons can read the full post here: https://www.ighulme.com/patreon-rewards/patron-reward-31/

All the best,

You can listen to HEAVEN'S CALL here:

Click here to listen to HEAVEN'S CALL.

This audiobook pre-release version is available exclusively to Patrons.

If you are interested in supporting my stories then do check out my Patreon page. It shows all the great rewards that are available, and you can pledge from as little as $1. Every pledge directly helps me release more writing, pictures, and recordings:




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