Heaven’s Call – Episode 04 – Out Now!

Jul 23, 2021 | Audiobook, LUMINA, News, Patreon

LUMINA - Heaven's Call by I G Hulme

AUDIOBOOK RELEASE - Episode 04 - Obsessions.

Episode Four of the audiobook is now available to all Patrons!


The Fourth episode of HEAVEN'S CALL is now available to all $2+ Patrons.

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Previously... The Defiance looks to hide from the Luminal fleet in a debris field around a broken moon.

But they are spotted and confronted by the same ship that destroyed Ryann's homeworld of Islanotis.

Just when they think that all is lost, a fleet of golden warships emerge from hyperspace and engage the Luminal fleet allowing the Defiance to flee...

I'm having a good creative time flitting between this and book 2 of THE CIRCLE OF SOULS at the moment, managing to get a lot of writing done, which is always a happy time!

Hope you enjoy the episode!

All the best,

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