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Safe Home Security
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Safe Home Security was set up as a conduit for information to pass from covert operatives to the Exile Fortress.

Exile agents were able to use specially-configured satellite phones to get into direct contact with their controllers, but these were only used in exceptional circumstances due to the security vulnerabilities.

As a precautionary measure these handsets were usually rigged with explosives to guard against them being compromised. In the event of a mistyped login code, they would often be set to detonate, killing the user and destroying all evidence.

When Alexi found himself on the run from Speers' security units he used Dragor Millovich's handset to arrange an escape route.

Exile agents also had access to surveillance information by means of covert internet networks. These were often in the form of fake company websites, where operatives could retrieve mission data.

After the fall of the Exile Fortress many of these access points were simply abandoned, and can still be accessed. The Safe-Home Security company was one such point, and now provides an interesting and valuable insight into those dark days of espionage.


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