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Devil's Rock Research Laboratory


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Devil's Rock Research Laboratory
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Devil's Rock Research Laboratory was one of three Accelerator Arrays to be built within the U.S. along with Fort Caulder and Williams' Airbase

Originally envisaged as a civilian-run Facility, during the early months of the Heavenfield crisis, Devil's Rock was placed under military control, and has remained so ever since.

The smallest of the three Arrays, Devil's Rock was built on a high mountain plateau, with extensive underground facilities.

Devil's Rock was the first test location for a Standing-Point Facility using technology stolen from Maunsworth. The Array system was a modest structure, with a chamber capable of accommodating only four individuals. Once the Entry-Point was targeted in the Field by the Exiles it was quickly realised that there would be little chance of breaking the siege with such a limited flow of troops, and the Facility ceased operations for the duration of the Exile conflict.

Work moved to the large-scale constructions at Williams' Airbase and Fort Caulder, where truly immense Arrays allowed large troops movements into the Heavenfield.

The Devil's Rock Research Laboratory continued to conduct research into Standing-Point, but its origins as a civilian Facility left it open to security risks, and it was completely destroyed in the second wave of Exile attacks, when troops infiltrated the base and set demolition charges throughout the compound.


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