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306 Company


Reference Notes

306th Infantry Company commanded by Captain Adam Gray.

Structure & Organisation

256 Fighting men at beginning of 'Operation Underworld'.

1st Platoon, 306th Infantry Company

One of four Platoons that made up the 306th. First Platoon was sectioned at Field-Base Alpha-9 under the direct command of Captain Gray. Each Platoon was made up of 64 men divided into 4 squads.

Squads, 1st Platoon

Four Squads make up 1st Platoon (Alpha, Bravo, Delta and Omega). Alpha, Bravo and Delta provided the combat patrol teams, while Omega (specialist, Light-Infantry Support) provided fire-support.

Each combat patrol (or squad) is made up of 2x fire-teams, 1x scout team, 1x sniper team and 1x MEC team (Medium Energy Cannon).

Fire-teams are made up of 5 riflemen which includes one commanding SGT. Field fire-teams are larger than normal because of a need for greater concentrated firepower when combating anomalous-phenomena.

Alpha Squad

Alpha squad, 1st Platoon of the 306th Infantry Company was a Combat Patrol under the command of Sergeant Lynch.

16 Troops, often accompanied on patrol by Captain Gray during Operation Underworld.

Tasked with many operations in and around the notorious 'Death Valley', as the area around the Maunsworth Entry-Point became known.

Made up of 2x fire-teams, 1x scout team, 1x sniper team and 1x MEC team (Medium Energy Cannon).

Alpha Squad Members at the inception of Operation Underworld:

Captain Adam Gray

Scout Team:

  • Scout Team Leader --- Staff Sgt Boris ‘Lynch’ Chernienko
  • Specialist Scout --- Private Dante Carparso

Fire-Team #1:

  • Senior NCO --- Corporal Steve Millar
  • Specialist --- UNKNOWN
  • Rifleman --- Pfc Norland
  • Grenadier --- Pfc Sitezman
  • Radio Operator --- UNKNOWN

Fire-Team #2:

  • Senior NCO --- Staff Sergeant Maddox
  • Specialist --- Pfc Dove
  • Rifleman --- Lance Corporal Wade - KIA
  • Grenadier --- Pfc McKean
  • Combat Medic --- Pfc Marquette

Sniper Team:

  • Specialist Sniper --- Lance Corporal Coombes
  • Specialist Sniper/Spotter --- Pfc DeGregorio

Support Team:

  • Gunner -- Pfc Gross
  • Gunner/Loader --- Pfc Tom Broussard


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