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1st Field Division


Reference Notes

The 'Avenging Angels' - Deployed from the Military & Scientific Research Base of Fort Caulder under Major-General Oak.

Structure & Organisation

Created shortly after the first hostilities of the Heavenfield as the 81st Field Combat Battalion under the command of Lt Colonel Speers, the unit quickly grew to receive Divisional status, designated the 1st Field Division.

Companies were restructured to accommodate the latest technical and tactical achievements, and 3 Regiments were created to provide different rolls: Offensive Field Capabilities, Special Security Operations and Tactical. Elements from all Companies, Infantry, Armoured, Airborne and Artillery were grouped to form Task-Force 'Tartaros' during Operation 'Underworld'.

The main headquarters and troop garrisons of the 1st Division were located at Ft. Caulder.

Commander: General Oak

Content: 12000 Troops

Areas of Operation:

  1. The Heavenfield
  2. Fort Caulder
  3. Williams Airbase
  4. Devil's Rock Research Facility.


  1. Defence of Heavenfield Entry-Points.
  2. Defence of Array sites.
  3. Defence of Field Production / Political / Infrastructure.
  4. Missions within the Heavenfield

[see Operation Underworld]


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