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A strange phenomena of unknown origin. A combustible object that when burned can negate certain effects of the Heavenfield.

Thomas looked around in confusion for any sign of the approaching darkness, or the chaos of voices, but all he could hear was the quiet crackle of the fire.

“They can’t get in,” said the boy absent-mindedly, still staring into the fire. “Not while the darklight is burning.”

“Dark light?” mumbled Thomas, stepping forwards gingerly.

“Darklight,” repeated the boy matter-of-factly. He leaned forwards and picked up one of the sticks from the fire. It burned brightly at one end with a strange phosphorescence. He casually leaned around and flung it into the darkness. There was a brief flash, and a crackle of energy. For an instant, Thomas glimpsed a mass of writhing forms scurrying away from the illumination. High-pitched screeches and hisses cut through the silence, as long, insect-like limbs retreated into the shadows. In an instant the light was extinguished, and the gloom solidified about them once more.

“This is what we see in our everyday world; this darkness,” said the boy, gesturing towards the shadows. “It is a fog of unknowing. The darklight illuminates the world, and shows us what is really there – the creatures that dwell there. They always surround us, but only in our unknowing. Once we can see them in the darklight they can no longer exist. It is good protection, see?” The boy laughed cheerfully as he saw Thomas’ dumbfounded expression. “What are you doing here, if you don’t even know how to look after yourself?” He cackled with mirth, shaking his head as he went back to staring into the fire...

Extract from The Dead Man's Feast


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