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The Exiles are a mysterious group, dedicated to preventing the misuse of the Heavenfield.

Originally a group of Soviet scientists, the self-proclaimed 'Exiles' were created when it was realised that the discovery of the Heavenfield proved too great a danger to humanity.Led by D. Albrecht Henschel, the scientists used the Heavenfield to gain access to many resources, which allowed them to create a second Accelerator Array system in an unknown location.

They then destroyed their work and their secret Soviet facility deep within the Russian wastes, fabricating evidence that would halt any further investigation into Standing-Point theory from the Soviet powers.

Moving to their new Array site the Exiles began to recruit new members, building up a considerable fighting strength. They also began work on a Fortress within the Heavenfield, on the location of their Array's Entry-Point. From here they were able to strike out at other countries in an effort to sabotage their Standing-Point studies.


Continuing to recruit scientists from around the globe, the Exiles were to build up an elite scientific group, who would go on to invent some ground-breaking equipment, including weapons and vehicles.

Unable to match the resources of the British and Americans, the Exiles were to come under increasing pressure in their attempts to hold back the allies' research. This was to come to a head when the Exile Fortress fell to a Demon army led by the entity Sheol. The Exile survivors fled to the British Entry-Point, and joined the Allies in the Battle of Maunsworth Field.

Little is know of the fate of the Exiles after they were taken by the Allies, but it is believed that many were not captured, and are still at large in locations unknown.


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